Florian Freundt

Dailies – CDXCVIII

Not much to see, lately. Not only was the weather rather shabby the past weeks, but I was also a little bit, well, indisposed.

20150208 17h18m02s FFX4075

I’m bound to ride the tram, for another few weeks at least. Sucks if you are used to ride the bike everywhere.

20150208 20h06m09s FFX4089

Board games, the night after my crash.

20150209 11h32m56s IMG 6207 2

Start of the hospital marathon. That was my view for 5+ hours.

20150209 16h05m38s IMG 6324 2

To get a new bandage and a quick look on my (very nicely stitched up) ear. Love the little bow they gave me, should have gotten myself a tiny bowler hat to top that off.

20150211 15h53m30s FFX410720150212 11h01m44s FFX413420150213 16h53m02s FFX4191

The shoulder got fixed a week later in a small operation.

20150213 18h18m29s IMG 6469 220150214 08h28m11s FFX4211

Hospital breakfast.

20150214 13h39m55s FFX4255

Fleeing my bed the day after for a few steps outside.

20150214 15h03m17s FFX4289

Phoning home.

20150215 15h25m32s FFX429720150215 15h26m44s FFX430920150215 15h27m45s FFX431420150215 15h33m28s FFX435120150215 15h34m41s FFX4362

Short stroll right outside the hospital.

20150215 19h53m47s FFX444420150215 19h55m02s FFX4452

Thanks for the visit (and the cake)!

20150216 18h42m40s FFX4467

Delicate transport, the day I got out.

Dailies – CDXCVII

Saturday was just like summer. So beach volleyball it was!

20150207 13h07m12s FF7671420150207 13h32m08s FF7673520150207 14h02m18s FF76742

With hot tea, of course.

20150207 14h17m46s FF76782

Shorts, a shirt and gloves. Shot by Steffi.

20150207 14h19m56s FF7679120150207 14h28m48s FF7681520150207 14h58m30s FF7687920150207 15h01m03s FF7693820150207 15h01m52s FF76963

Got a spontaneous replacement because I had to go biking.

20150207 15h06m37s FF7702520150207 15h45m50s FF77050

Going biking with Jonas.

20150207 15h55m47s FF77063

And up to the Königstuhl we went.

20150207 15h56m15s FF7707620150207 15h58m09s FF7709720150207 16h15m28s FF77100

Seriously beautiful day.

20150207 16h15m33s FF7710320150207 16h16m04s FF7712120150207 16h16m44s FF7713720150207 16h16m45s FF7714420150207 16h32m52s FF7715720150207 16h33m41s FF7718220150207 16h39m05s FF7720620150207 16h39m18s FF7720820150207 17h04m58s FF5809220150207 17h05m03s FF5811120150207 17h05m20s FF58122

So, that was that, the last nice photo of the day.

20150207 17h10m04s IMG 6180 2

One selfie right after crashing to check where the blood was coming from, and one later in the hospital to see what weird things my collarbone was doing. As you might get from the expression, I wasn’t in pain. Might have been the adrenaline, might have been dumb luck. Big thanks to Jonas for getting me to the hospital, and to Tob for driving me back home!

20150207 21h27m33s IMG 6184 2

I guess there will be a lot less sports photography on here in the next few months. At least where I participate.

20150208 10h32m00s IMG 6197 2

More luck. I think aside from nearly cutting my ear off, the helmet took a lot of energy away from my head.