Florian Freundt

Dailies – CDLI

Sunset at work.

20140807 20h33m03s IMG 9135 2

Slightly tired.

20140806 10h37m20s FF78174

Bouldern, in the morning. It was still hot, there were two school classes and I wasn’t too productive in the office afterwards, so… maybe back to evening bouldering.

20140806 11h12m18s FF7818720140806 11h12m19s FF7818820140806 11h16m08s FF7822420140806 11h17m39s FF78231

Swinging around.

20140806 12h02m53s FF78294

Christoph, just show me how that red route is done! – wtf!?

20140806 12h03m04s FF7830120140806 12h12m38s FF7830520140808 12h54m29s FF7834820140808 13h00m44s FF78351

Moving old lab equipment.

20140808 13h14m19s FF7837020140809 16h54m12s FFX042220140809 17h50m17s FFX0426


20140809 17h52m34s FFX043320140809 17h54m08s FFX0438

Very interested in feet, this one.

20140809 17h54m23s FFX044320140809 19h51m26s FFX0454

Short visit to Frankfurt.

20140810 16h18m59s FF84222

Stand-In for the light setup.

20140810 18h07m42s FF84258


20140810 18h29m04s FF84310

A little too much highlight.

20140820 21h06m03s DSC 0170

A few days later, trying to shoot myself. Well… not that easy. Though tethering the D800 with the Macbook using Sofortbild made things a lot simpler. Unfortunately it lacks live view, that feature I could only find in commercial apps so far.

20140811 15h47m49s FF7850020140811 20h28m10s FF7850620140811 21h35m04s FF78525

TRACE – groundwater sampling 4

Every now and then, my PhD project requires extensive field work in the form of spending one or two weeks out in regions of interest, collecting samples from ground water monitoring and production wells. Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s harsh and it’s always a lot of work, but it’s also my favourite part of the entire affair. This time we didn’t have to go far, as we sampled wells in and around Heidelberg.

20140611 16h23m10s FF7244020140611 16h22m14s FF7243720140611 16h46m18s FF7245520140612 08h56m18s FF7247820140612 09h10m50s FF7249620140612 09h11m23s FF7250120140617 09h19m58s FF7282120140617 09h42m52s FF7284820140617 11h08m45s FF72878

Pumping a monitoring well that hasn’t been used in years.

20140617 12h36m49s FF7289220140617 18h13m06s FF7291520140617 18h47m49s FF7293620140618 09h14m06s FF7294120140618 09h15m18s FF7294820140618 09h18m42s FF7296620140618 09h20m18s FF7297720140618 09h40m15s FF7298420140725 09h49m59s FF7716220140725 09h56m31s FF77174

A little bit different: sampling two springs near Rüsselsheim.

20140725 10h17m28s FF7719720140725 11h17m17s FF7725320140725 11h37m42s FF77264

There’s nothing gaffa tape can’t fix :)

20140725 11h38m54s FF7727220140725 12h14m45s FF7729120140725 12h28m44s FF7730620140725 12h34m20s FF77324