Florian Freundt

Dailies – DII

While I won’t be able to play for another few weeks, sitting in the sun and watching isn’t too bad after all.

20150318 17h11m10s FF59006

20150318 17h28m57s FF59043

20150318 17h47m42s FF59149

20150318 17h55m36s FF59204

20150318 18h02m05s FF59229

20150318 18h02m44s FF59239

20150318 18h06m16s FF59271

20150318 18h06m44s FF59286

20150320 09h48m35s FF83965

A cool foggy morning, walking up the Heiligenberg.

20150320 09h56m52s FF83967

20150320 10h00m20s FF83975

20150320 10h01m22s FF83985

20150320 10h04m57s FF59324

20150320 10h08m39s FF83992

20150320 10h09m46s FF84001

Shooting the eclipse, utterly unprepared. Tried to make the best of it. At least the shots turned out better than in 1999, when I forgot spooling back the film before replacing it with a new roll.

20150320 10h11m55s FF84003

20150320 10h12m02s FF84004

20150320 14h59m01s FFX5771

Same day, a great living room concert by sarajane, thanks Annemone for the invite!

20150320 15h57m06s FFX5822

20150320 16h00m48s FFX5833

20150320 17h02m48s FF59347

Chilling for a few minutes at the old bridge.

20150320 17h31m42s FFX5838

And taking a detour by the beach volleyball fields on my way back home.

20150320 18h02m58s FF59367

20150320 18h03m50s FF59375

20150320 18h05m34s FF59397

20150320 18h07m08s FF59408

20150320 18h08m08s FF59424

20150320 18h10m48s FF59465

20150320 18h12m11s FF59489

Dailies – DI

Got lost on my way back home from the post office. The woods were calling.

20150317 14h55m33s FFX5371

20150317 14h55m50s FFX5375

20150317 15h02m24s FFX5382

Inspecting the site of my crash.

20150317 15h11m13s FFX5385

20150317 15h20m28s FFX5392

20150317 15h33m16s IMG 8043 2

Except for this iPhone shot, everything else shot with the Fuji X100s.

20150317 15h48m38s FFX5412

20150317 15h52m14s FFX5422

20150317 15h52m22s FFX5424

20150317 15h53m28s FFX5429

20150317 15h54m14s FFX5431

20150317 16h11m30s FFX5449

20150317 16h13m49s FFX5461

20150317 16h35m25s FFX5466

20150317 16h44m25s FFX5470

20150317 16h46m32s FFX5480

What the!? Ah, ohh

20150317 16h50m37s FFX5497

20150317 16h48m59s FFX5489

A bit of Chopin on the way down.

20150317 16h54m56s FFX5507

20150317 16h57m30s FFX5522

20150317 17h04m00s FFX5542

20150317 17h05m19s FFX5547

20150317 17h08m30s FFX5563

20150317 17h10m57s FFX5578

20150317 17h18m38s FFX5612

20150317 17h19m18s FFX5615

20150317 17h31m45s FFX5616

20150317 17h33m31s FFX5634

20150317 17h37m07s FFX5642

20150317 17h39m57s FFX5659

20150317 17h41m49s FFX5672

20150317 17h54m05s FFX5710

20150317 17h56m17s FFX5717

A guiness, a leprechaun and a bagpiper. Apparently yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day.