Florian Freundt

Dailies – CDLXXIII

Crash course in fire fighting at the University.

20141107 09h39m41s FF75029

Back in Gross-Gerau, sampling soil air.

20141107 10h19m52s FF7503920141107 10h59m01s FF75066

Which was basically one big failure, due to unexpected technical issues.

20141107 13h57m43s FF75088

Which thankfully left time to go slacklining that friday afternoon, which led to an entire weekend (next post) of slacklining, acrobatics and basically making new friends :)

20141107 14h03m21s FF7509620141107 14h17m01s FF7514020141107 15h36m48s FF7518120141108 01h09m08s FF75212

Late night acrobatics at the film festival.

20141109 17h27m51s FFX200320141109 18h36m35s FFX201220141109 20h24m42s FFX201420141111 22h07m14s FF7607420141112 07h22m30s FF81983

Early morning ride on the road bike.

20141112 07h30m27s FF8200920141112 07h42m08s FF8202920141115 07h42m57s FF82074

And the first excursion with my brand new hardtail.

20141115 08h21m34s FF8226520141103 13h05m22s FFX1880

Rainy day on the Willersinn Weiher.

20141107 21h29m25s FF75185

New batch of quince liquor.

Dailies – CDLXXII

A foggy evening

20141106 21h44m50s FFX196720141106 21h50m18s FF8188320141106 21h53m34s FF8188520141106 21h58m10s FFX196820141106 22h05m08s FF8189420141106 22h13m38s FF81906