Florian Freundt

Mont Ventoux 2014 – IV

Back at Bédoin, strolling through the village.

20141007 14h05m05s FF7010820141007 14h05m27s FF7011120141007 14h08m04s FF7011820141007 14h11m16s FF7013420141007 14h15m02s FF7014920141007 14h15m52s FF7015320141007 14h18m45s FF7015620141007 14h36m13s FF7016320141007 15h11m05s FF7018220141007 18h33m45s FF7024220141008 11h09m32s FF8860320141008 11h26m43s FF8861920141008 14h45m35s FF8866220141008 18h50m50s FF8870920141008 19h24m23s FF8872320141008 19h27m54s FF7025020141008 19h29m45s FF7025720141009 13h15m17s IMG 0931 2

Going up the Ventoux for a second time, this time I managed to keep up with Mareike.

20141009 13h15m59s IMG 0965 2

But not with my father, who just passes us after giving us a head start of an hour.

20141009 13h30m20s IMG 0997 2Pb mime attachmentPb mime attachment3

Thanks to Sophie from bettertravelphotos.com there are even photos of us on the way up, like the two above! Thanks for letting me use those!

20141009 13h46m50s FF8872620141009 13h50m54s FF8873520141009 13h54m16s FF8875020141009 13h55m02s FF88762

Again, cold and cloudy.

20141009 13h59m04s Panorama 20141009 13h59m04s FF88805  20141009 13h59m09s FF8881120141009 14h12m52s FF8881620141009 18h51m20s FF70290

But then again, there’s good food and warm weather waiting below :)

20141009 19h12m23s FF7032420141010 11h44m33s FF8885320141010 12h13m38s FF8887120141010 12h19m54s FF8888320141010 12h22m00s FF88890

Another small village to visit.

20141010 12h29m11s FF8890120141010 12h30m34s FF8890420141010 16h04m57s FF7034820141010 16h47m17s FFX1554

The daily 20 minutes at the WLAN hotspot :D

20141011 09h35m14s FFX1587

Didn’t pack enough lenses…

20141011 09h46m06s FFX1591

…but who needs lenses on a rainy day.

20141011 10h45m33s FFX1594

The best test subject for a hyperlapse video.

Mont Ventoux 2014 – III

At the farm of Cédric and Patricia, visiting for a night.

20141006 14h48m31s FF88485

Arriving at Montbrun-les-Bain, a beautiful little village for which we unfortunately didn’t find the time to visit.

20141006 14h50m00s FF8849920141006 16h03m31s FF7969420141006 16h16m25s FF79709

Picking tomatoes and eggplants.

20141006 16h22m29s FF7972320141006 16h19m16s FF7971820141006 16h27m35s FF7973220141006 17h32m15s FF7981220141006 16h37m07s FF79751

Our little domicile for the night.

20141006 17h32m56s FF7981520141006 18h02m06s FF7981920141006 18h09m41s FF79827

Baking a simple german cake. Bierkuchen.

20141006 18h19m12s FF7983120141006 18h21m08s FF7983620141006 18h37m35s FF79853

Exploring the mountain ridge above the farm.

20141006 18h38m40s FF7986120141006 18h40m05s FF79882

Beautiful cliffs, but apparently way to fragile to climb.

20141006 18h40m34s FF79885

Traveling ‘light’. When light means two DSLR bodies and several prime lenses, my definition of the word might not coincide with the general consensus any more.

20141006 18h53m08s FF7995320141006 18h55m27s FF7997420141006 19h04m57s FF79980

Kittens. Wonderful little things these two were.

20141006 19h05m25s FF7998320141006 19h19m34s FF7999120141006 22h23m25s FF7000520141007 07h12m24s FF70047

Getting up early.

20141007 08h26m54s FF7007220141007 08h46m17s FF70078

Not getting up early.

20141007 09h14m43s FF8855320141007 09h35m13s FF88571