Florian Freundt

Dailies – CDLIX

Day off with the University workgroup, wandering through Palatine vineyards.

20140917 13h36m13s FF7613820140917 13h59m44s FF7615520140917 14h00m26s FF7615620140917 14h02m24s FF7616120140917 14h19m33s FF7616720140917 14h37m59s FF7617620140917 14h51m01s FF7619120140917 16h24m43s FF7625420140917 16h33m37s Panorama 20140917 16h33m37s FF76285  20140917 16h34m00s FF7631620140917 16h35m56s FF7633620140918 15h14m57s FF76545

Taking lake water samples a few days later.

20140918 15h16m08s FF7656420140918 15h30m22s Panorama 20140918 15h30m22s FF76585  20140918 15h30m31s FF7659920140918 17h10m28s FF7661220140918 17h10m51s FF7662520140918 17h15m02s FF76635

Dailies – CDLVIII

While trying to recreate an old shot I recently sold (to improve it technically, it was a bit grainy and shot at F1.4 since I hand held it after sunset), I inadvertently created a whole bunch of new Heidelberg kitsch shots (and failed to recreate the shot I initially wanted to get).

20140916 18h21m12s FF76126

And it was a good opportunity to test a new tripod ball head. The old Manfrotto is pretty much shot to pieces. And, since my travel tripod (a 3LT Tim) made me switch to Arca Swiss plates, the Manfrotto quick release system isn’t compatible anyhow.

20140916 19h03m00s FF86693

Arrived early, way too early.

20140916 19h07m52s FF86708

One of my favourite Heidelberg postcard motives.

20140916 20h10m27s FF86725

I do like this one.

20140916 20h12m37s Panorama 20140916 20h12m37s FF86728  20140916 20h14m35s FF86734

Same spot, panoramic image.

20140916 20h36m03s FF8674820140918 21h12m14s FFX115420140918 21h13m02s FF76638

Tob and Valerie.

20140919 15h55m40s FF76651

Bike repairs. Trying to fix up my decade old MTB. And Mareike’s road bike. And my city bike.

20140920 16h12m15s FF7717320140920 16h25m22s FF77174

Back when it was warmer.

20140920 16h30m50s FF7718720140920 16h31m57s FF7719720140920 16h42m17s FF77213

Shot by Jan.

20140920 17h03m00s FF7723220140920 17h10m29s FF7728020140920 17h48m36s FF7729520140920 17h50m45s FF7730520140920 17h58m06s FF7731520140920 18h05m25s FF77323