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Dailies – CDLIV

Just a bit of cycling.

20140827 19h08m19s FF7286420140827 19h26m34s FF7288720140827 19h28m08s FF7290020140827 20h05m25s FF7293120140827 20h02m32s FF7291620140827 20h07m00s FF7294120140827 20h07m23s FF7294320140827 20h35m38s FF7297020140827 20h36m50s FF7297220140827 20h37m24s FF7298020140828 18h20m17s FF7300120140828 19h01m06s FF73007

A failed attempt at a Nusszopf. Looked best before baking, there’s a reason that there’s no after shot.

20140826 16h04m36s FFX070820140826 16h04m42s FFX0712


20140825 19h07m55s FF72746

Out with not so happy colleagues ;)

20140825 19h09m22s FF7275220140825 20h43m57s FF7279720140825 21h24m05s FF7282920140825 21h40m32s FF72838

Dailies – CDLIII

Just a short one today, to get the blog rolling again… with a Kitsch overload: Heidelberg’s Schlossbeleuchtung. Happens thrice per year, so after 11 years at Heidelberg this isn’t exactly something I hadn’t shot yet. But from time to time it’s nice to revisit these motives. Actually, I just needed to get out of my flat that night, fleeing from the noise of a street festival just under my balcony (yes, the fireworks were less annoying).

20140906 22h20m58s FF8659520140906 22h31m18s FF86648

My best shot of the Schlossbeleuchtung yet, shot with the Nikon D800 at 20 seconds, ISO 100, F5.6. These kind of shots are quite difficult to time, knowing what to expect helps a lot. And they are quite tricky to process, mostly due to the quite monochromatic light of the fireworks, dominating the scene. That night however, the nearly full moon helped a lot to light the surrounding quite a bit. A glimpse behind the curtain, for an impression how much Lightroom processing went into this shot…

20140906 22h31m18s FF86648original

…here’s the original, unprocessed RAW file, only the exposure was pulled up 1.56EV (I do shoot these very much underexposed, or rather exposed for the fireworks, to minimise the amount of blown highlights, which are most difficult to recover).