Florian Freundt

Tara & Dominik

It has been a long time since I published a wedding I shot, so why not start with this beautiful couple whose civic and ceremonial wedding I was allowed to shoot this June in Heidelberg. Thank you very much, it was great fun!

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Dailies – CDXLVI

Barbecueing on the Neckarwiese – for the first time in 1.5 years, even though I’ve been living right around the corner.

20140621 19h28m29s FF8845220140621 20h01m39s FF8850820140621 19h08m26s FF8843420140621 20h18m28s FF8853320140621 20h32m07s FF8854820140621 20h38m08s FF8856020140622 09h53m30s FF88575

Gear testing :)

20140622 16h10m04s FF7334820140622 17h36m51s DSF5168

Swim training.

20140623 08h41m04s FF88594

Wakeup call. At least now it’s finally all done…

20140624 09h06m18s FF7335320140624 12h52m21s FF7337120140624 20h35m38s FF73481

Busy at the slackline spot.

20140624 19h53m08s FF7338720140624 20h11m31s FF7343920140624 20h31m03s FF7346520140624 20h39m53s FF7348620140625 13h03m47s IMG 8016 2

Uh.. well.. Mensa.

20140626 19h37m45s FF73531

Slackline + off camera flash.

20140626 19h33m55s FF7351220140626 19h45m23s FF7354820140626 20h12m22s FF7356420140626 19h38m15s FF7353420140627 20h47m12s FF73577

Swim training.

20140627 20h47m56s FF73582