Florian Freundt

Dailies – CDXCI

Capturing a local orchestra’s performance and portraying the different instrument groups. And enjoying them play!

20150124 18h54m02s FF83845 220150124 18h57m06s FF83853 220150124 19h00m50s FF83867 220150124 19h02m21s FF83871 220150124 19h05m27s FF83881 220150124 19h06m59s FF83887 220150124 21h58m36s FF83952 220150124 21h58m37s FF83953

A flash misfire with an outcome I enjoyed, also revealing a little bit of editing in the shots above… much more than what I usually do.

20150124 18h02m40s FF5550220150124 17h55m48s FF5543620150124 18h08m49s FF5554020150124 18h15m05s FF5557320150124 20h00m24s FF5559920150124 21h38m14s FF55742

Dailies – CDXC

Whoa, only ten more posts to the big D, five hundred. I missed this blog’s 6th anniversary at the start of January, it’s been a long time!

20150121 22h36m47s FF5502420150121 19h27m58s FF5465920150121 19h53m04s FF5467520150121 19h57m19s FF5470420150121 20h09m41s FF5475120150121 20h16m30s FF5480320150121 20h19m32s FF5481620150121 20h27m04s FF54841

This route took me long enough.

20150121 20h32m43s FF5484720150121 20h34m42s FF5486720150121 21h09m38s FF5490120150121 21h31m28s FF5495120150121 22h07m18s FF5501120150121 22h14m53s FF5501920150122 20h33m02s IMG 4894 2

Got myself a beautiful cast iron wok.

20150123 09h20m37s IMG 4941 2

Lab work.

20150123 21h38m31s FF55140

At a friends party.

20150123 22h11m54s FF5515920150123 22h13m27s FF5517820150123 23h40m28s FF5523620150123 23h40m28s FFX258720150124 00h21m06s FF5531320150124 00h21m09s FF5531920150124 01h00m21s FF55374