Florian Freundt

Dailies – CDLXII

The morning after the wedding. Maybe I should do this at every wedding, just put up a tent instead of driving home in the dark of night.

20140824 09h30m01s IMG 9600 220140824 09h59m35s FF72612

It was a little windy though.

20140824 10h02m20s FF72629

Geburtstagsständchen :)

20140824 10h01m46s FF7262620140824 10h02m43s FF7263820140824 10h02m51s FF7264320140824 10h25m29s FF72652

Searching for breakfast.

20140824 11h25m44s FF72679

Found it. Kind of.

20140824 11h35m48s FF7269120140824 12h14m47s FF7272120140824 12h22m13s FF72739


20140922 18h06m21s FF78469

Some beach volleyball.

20140922 17h44m06s FF7820820140922 18h23m21s FF7867320140925 18h25m38s FFX1199

Some slacklining.

20140925 18h36m53s FFX120220140925 18h40m51s FFX120320140925 19h30m54s FFX1220

Thomas & Olivia

A wedding near Munich, at a beautiful village church. Part guest, part photographer, as the two were friends of mine.

20140823 12h30m03s FF8547420140823 13h09m41s FF8552420140823 13h10m36s FF8554120140823 13h33m33s FF8557420140823 13h37m25s FF8559620140823 13h42m00s FF8561620140823 13h51m42s FF8564220140823 13h52m01s FF7152120140823 14h04m10s FF7165520140823 14h33m41s FF85713

First time I had to be on the group shot as well. It isn’t easy to be both, photographer and guest.

20140823 14h39m27s FF7185220140823 16h35m52s FF8581420140823 16h37m27s FF8584220140823 16h45m16s FF8594320140823 16h46m24s FF8595520140823 16h50m09s FF8599920140823 17h17m47s FF7193720140823 17h24m45s FF8604620140823 17h29m09s FF8605720140823 17h29m23s FF7196720140823 17h30m38s FF7196920140823 17h48m20s FF8611120140823 17h48m35s FF8611620140823 17h48m40s FF8612520140823 17h49m21s FF8614320140823 17h49m28s FF8615220140823 17h52m04s FF71978

If you have been following this blog for years (damn, I just realized that this thing has been running for nearly six years now), you might notice that this is almost the entire gang from the Jordan campaigns, an interdisciplinary research trip I stumbled into as a young diploma student in 2010 and then again in 2012

20101008 16h16m05s FF7 3299


20120313 15h40m22s FF7 3752


20140823 17h53m49s FF7198320140823 17h54m35s FF7198620140823 17h59m17s FF7200820140823 22h58m55s FF7227220140824 00h57m32s FF7241520140824 00h59m25s FF7243820140824 01h31m39s FF7251520140824 01h32m23s FF72522