Florian Freundt

Hiking Break

A short break from the summer break, but not a regular dailies post, those (and I) are still on hiatus. But yesterday was the perfect day to test my injured foot and get a whiff of fresh air around my restless head. So I did what proved to be a good idea: go for a long, long hike.

20160918 08h26m47s FFA7865

Starting an hour and a half later than I intended, right at home.

20160918 08h29m38s IMG 8820 2

Good morning, Neckar. No swimming today.

20160918 08h43m19s FFA7873

20160918 09h07m30s FFA7890


20160918 09h12m39s FFA7896

20160918 09h16m45s FFA7922

Death. And Rain.

20160918 09h38m20s FFA7935

When it comes to nature, there’s little that I enjoy more than foggy forests: so beautiful, and yet so melancholic.

20160918 09h47m56s IMG 8704 2

20160918 10h13m55s FFA7965

At Ziegelhausen, I started to walk the european long-distance-trail E1, heading north.

20160918 10h26m42s FFA7983

20160918 10h35m01s FFA8003

20160918 10h35m54s FFA8041

Just started, but inherently tired.

20160918 10h43m58s FFA8047

20160918 10h59m50s IMG 8717 2

Break. With oatmeal cookies and ginger tea.

20160918 11h16m06s FFA8065

20160918 11h16m42s FFA8088

20160918 11h16m36s FFA8084

20160918 11h20m54s FFA8096

Following the X.

20160918 12h00m40s IMG 8823 2

20160918 12h08m12s FFA8163

20160918 12h08m32s FFA8173

20160918 12h10m41s IMG 8789 2

20160918 12h35m03s FFA8180

20160918 12h45m43s FFA8287

20160918 12h50m58s FFA8298

20160918 12h51m02s FFA8299

20160918 13h38m54s FFA8352

Contemplating how much further to walk. In the end, I arrived at Weinheim with 37.5 kilometres under my sore feet.

20160918 13h46m43s FFA8360

20160918 13h47m23s FFA8370

20160918 14h22m02s FFA8385

Shadow and light. And a bit of fog to obscure things.

Summer Break

Summer break. See you soon.

20160722 21h56m34s FFA9249

20160727 20h38m04s FFB8197

20160820 20h17m05s FFA0172

20160802 17h59m46s IMG 7090 2

Lost in the woods.